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Problem StatementFinal SolutionKey FlowsDesign Process
     User Research
     User Personas
     Problem Statement
     Market Analysis
     Info Architecture
     Design Iteration
     Usability Testing
     Visual Identity
Next Steps

Green Trip

Travel app informing users of the environmental impacts of their travel decisions through exploration, organization and education.
Timeline6 weeks
Process◦ Design thinking
◦ User research
◦ Prototyping
◦ Design iteration
◦ Usability testing

TeamVictoria Liang (UXD)
Jasmine Jung (UXR)
Dinh Truong (UXR)
Yolanda Wang (UXR)

1. Project Background

Lack of sustainability consideration during travelling.
◦ Users are unaware of their statistical environmental impact.
Finding an engaging and rewarding method to encourage users to travel more sustainably and alter their current travel habits.
◦ Humans are creatures of habit.

Users can: 
Register and organize their essential travel information.
Explore alternative, sustainable travel options.
Learn about their impacts (numerical data).
Share their own sustainable experiences.

2. Problem Statement

2. Final Solution

How to measure success?


Users have access to:

◦ User Green Level
◦ Add trip
◦ Sustainable trip suggestions
◦ Sustainability awareness (articles, facts, etc)

Green Level Report

Users can see:
◦ Their current level / highest / lowest emission categories
◦ Suggested further actions
◦ Color coded stats breakdown
◦ Past reports


◦ Search bar, filter options
◦ Users' trip details

View Your Trips

◦ View current, upcoming, past trip details

Add a New Trip

◦ Transportation:
     ◦ Round trip, one way, multi- city
     ◦ Plane, Train, Bus
◦ Accommodations

3. Key Flows

Add Trip

Final Report brings awareness to, educates and helps users document their transportation and accommodation emission levels.

Green Trip Report

Green Trip Report informs, summarizes, and analyzes users' cumulative emissions to help improve users' emission data.

4. Design Process

User Research

Turns out, most users don't consider sustainability at all when it comes to travel decisions!

User Personas

Created based on common pain points synthesized from 20 interviews (20-35 y.o. participants).

Problem Statement

Market Analysis

Existing travel products

Prioritize promoting cheap and value deals.
> No carbon footprint awareness brought to users booking their flights and accommodations.

Carbon Footprint Tracking Products

Aims to integrate all aspects of life into a new life style of tracking carbon footprints.

Information Architecture

Design Iteration

Usability Testing

User Feedback
Based on users' feedbacks, the following 3 points became the design principles that I followed as I continued to iterate and test the designs:

Visual Identity

5. Next Steps

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