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Process OverviewDesign Process
     User Research
     Competitive Audit
     Iteration / Feedback
     Usability Testing
Final Solution

Nav.It: Financial Journey

Nav.It is a financial management product guiding young adults to build financial health and management confidence by integrating mindfulness.

I was a product designer on this team for 6 months in which I discovered, iterated, implemented Financial Journey feature.

Designs shipped in Dec 2022 and increased user engagement by 145%.

Designs raised VC funding for Nav.It to hire in-house developers.
⌁ Product Design
⌁ User-Centered Design
⌁ Systems Design
Timeline6 months
◦ Project planning
◦ User research
◦ Wireframing
◦ Design iteration
◦ User testing
◦ Design presentation
◦ Design handoff

TeamVictoria Liang (UXD)
Hannah Mei (UXD)
Paul Campbell (PM)
Toby Miller (Dev)
Daniel Trotter (Dev)
Kaitlyn Ranze
(UX Writer)


Process Overview

I used the double diamond design process for end-to-end implementation of the Financial Journey.

Design Process

User Research

There was a lack of current perspectives in the space I was designing for. As a designer, I pushed to do research to gain confidence and mitigate the gap.

From conducting 80+ survey responses and 10 interviews, I noticed young individuals who lacked knowledge to effectively manage their finances / wishing to improve this skill set.

The Opportunity to Build Healthy Spending Habits

Most users associate negative feelings towards their finances and feel unconfident and dissatisfied with their current financial status and management methods. So, I saw this as an opportunity to help them improve their financial wellness using Nav.It.

Competitive Audit

Nav.It did not have user financial information on the home screen which was a major problem in providing effective services to users. So, I looked at competitors to figure out what are the essential features and user flows that make a financial management app successful.
Here are things I observed as successful in other products for user engagement: 
With further research looking at published studies, gamification not only increases user retention rate but also improves education. Gamification will help Nav.It stand out from competitors to be approachable, educational and helpful in increasing user financial wellness and confidence.

Redesigning the Home Screen

After conducting a thorough audit of competing products, we identified the need for to make a strong initial impression on users, fostering trust and increasing engagement. Consequently, we've decided to begin by addressing the home page, as user feedback has indicated confusion with the current design.

Redesigning the home screen revolving around a brand new gamified, educational flow to highlight financial management and bridge the gap between finances and mindfulness was the best course of action.

Problem Statement

Iteration and Feedback

Identified Opportunities for Home Screen
To rework the experience of the native app, we wanted it to succeed at the following things:
Through iterative exploration rounds, we gathered feedback from 20 users and made data-driven decisions to refine the optimal solution.
Visual Optimization Exploration
Concept brainstorming
"Financial Journey" Prioritization
Progress Tracking Exploration
Function Differentiation
Incentivization Exploration

Usability Testing

Our Users Value:


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