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     Problem Statement
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Emergency Fund Autosave

⌁ Product Design
⌁ User-Centered Design
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Nav.It is a financial management product guiding young adults to build financial health and management confidence by integrating mindfulness.

I led Nav.It's Emergency Fund and Goals Autosave designs to help Nav.It users increase financial security by ensuring they have emergency funds and savings in preparation of unprecedented events and specific goals.

Shipped in Dec 2022 and increased # of Emergency Fund holders from 12% to 18%.
Timeline6 months
◦ Project planning
◦ User research
◦ Wireframing
◦ Design iteration
◦ User testing
◦ Design presentation
◦ Design handoff

Victoria Liang (UXD)
Hannah Mei (UXD)
Paul Campbell (PM)
Toby Miller (Dev)
Daniel Trotter (Dev)
Kaitlyn Ranze
(UX Writer)


Problem Statement

How Might We

Design Process

Problem Statement

User Research

"What are your areas of interest in money management"
61.5% of 82 survey responses showed interest in Emergency Fund.

Although more people were interested in investment to increase their networth, we were curious as to why so many people were interested in saving for an Emergency Fund.
"If you lost your job today, how long could you survive financially? What are your experiences with Emergency Funds?"
We interviewed 10-12 participants: 
70% did not have an Emergency Fund!
Company beliefs:
We truly believed that although a higher % of people were interested in "investments", people should not be worrying about that without an Emergency Fund!
According to Vanguard:
American registered investment advisor with about $7.7 trillion in global assets under management: "An emergency fund is a stash of money set aside to cover the financial surprises life throws your way" which can be very stressful and costly.

Having a secure emergency fund is a fundamental step to attaining financial wellness and be at peace in the mind.

User Story

I analyzed user stories and addressed each persona's challenges and aspirations. This is how I envisioned Emergency Fund and Goals savings integrating into their routines to enhance their lives within and beyond Nav.It.
User Story 1
Kim overcame budgeting challenges and emotional spending with Nav.It, mastering personal finance basics. She successfully set up an Emergency Fund, which proved crucial in covering a medical expense six months later.
User Story 2
Andrea, leveraging her first full-time income, utilized Nav.It to master personal finance basics. She aims to buy a new car, having already established an Emergency Fund and utilized Nav.It's Goals autosave to complete her down payment.

Market Analysis

I was not familiar with how products introduced or reinforced Savings and Emergency Funds for users. Therefore, I wanted to distill the optimal method to encourage users to set up an Emergency Fund. I looked at 14 financial apps to see how they approach savings and discovered that there is little to no emphasis on Emergency Funds.

Information Architecture + Flows

For this project, I focused on the My Savings portion of the IA specifically.
User Flow
The following flows demonstrate:
1. End-to-end process of users setting up either Goals or Emergency Fund (EF).
2. How specific functions like the EF Calculator and Auto Save flows work.

Design Iteration

When implementing brand new features such as the Emergency Fund Calculator and Emergency Fund Autosave, I iterated and continuously tested it with our target users.
Initial Exploratory Sketches
I worked hand in hand with the senior designer to brainstorm essential functions in the Emergency Fund and Goals Autosave flow. This set of exploratory sketches focused on functionality and layout.
Emergency Fund Saved Elsewhere
I A/B tested with our users to see which method of documenting funds saved outside of Nav.It worked best.
Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Emergency Fund Calculator Flow
A feature to help users automate and personalize how much Emergency Fund is appropriate based on their needs.
Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3

Usability Testing

User Feedback
Based on the testing process, I concluded the following to help further iterate the product. Ultimately, our users value:

4. Key Features

Emergency Fund Calculator

The EF calculator guides users to know how much they need to save for the number of months they wish to cover.

Emergency Fund Elsewhere:

In the case that users have Emergency Funds outside of Nav.It and choose to also save within the app, they can link those savings accounts as well to easily track total amount of Emergency Fund saved.

Goals Categories

Annual vs. Future Goals

Separating goals by timeline rather than separating it by categories allow users to visualize their goals as a near-term or long-term vision.

Goal categories may be confusing because one goal can fit into multiple categories or none.


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